"I draw mad things to feel sane."
Irena Zablotska is a London-based visual artist and illustrator. Being born and raised in Western Ukraine, Irena used to be involved in a local graffiti scene in the late 00' which shaped her distinct art style. She takes her inspiration from Eastern European folk art, mixing it with strong emotions, anguish and intimate fears. Combining humans, animals and symbols she creates a very personal and unique form of communication.
Being a self-taught graphic designer and illustrator Irena enrolled in a visual art course at University Arts of London, where she graduated from the MA Illustration degree at Camberwell College of Art. During her studies, Irena moved away from digital media concentrating mostly on watercolour and coloured pencil. She considers the latter her favourite, finding the process meditative and liberating which immerses her subconscious in the vibrancy of children’s environment. 
Irena considers the drawing process as a coping mechanism to deal with distressing events that happened years ago. In terms of the context, her subject matter is driven by childhood memories and interpersonal relationships, which are shaped by Eastern European folklore, myths and fairytales she would hear as a kid.

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